About Royal Home Care

Royal Heir Home Care is locally owned and operated by a Certified Nurse Practitioner who has an extensive nursing background in both acute and chronic geriatric care as well as complex care management. She has been in the nursing field since 2006 and continues to practice Family Medicine while pursing her dreams of entrepreneurship. With a heart full of compassionate and core values rooted in doing the best for all she serves, her greatest philosophy is to “treat every individual with respect, privacy, and conduct all cares with an attitude of gratitude, being grateful for every life that is and will be impacted positively”.

We provide Royal Care’s at an affordable and competitive price. We treat our client and their families vital information with strict confidentiality. We are a license, bonded, and insured company to ensure top-notch client and asset protection. including mission, vision, values, and company goals.

What We Do

Royal Heir Home Care is a company based in Kansas City, Missouri. We specialize in in-home care for. Our services are open to all qualifying individuals who need non-medical care to remain independent in their own home. Royal Heir Home Care offers affordable, compassionate care to all we serve. Thanks to improved medical care, more people are living into their golden-year age. Even better, more people are capable of maintaining their independence right at home with the assistance of compassionate caregivers. This is what we do!

Entrusting your cares into our Royal Hands allows our clients to stay home and enjoy life abundantly, while continuing to be independent. While at home, surrounded with familiar intangibles diminishes our clients stress and anxiety, enabling you to live happier, healthier, and adding longevity.
Royal Heir Home Care covers The Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area and surrounding, as well as other areas of Kansas City, Kansas, Overland Park, Kansas, and more.

Company Mission

Royal Heir Home Care, aims to deliver top quality care to all populations we serve without respect of origin, gender, social class, or economic status.

We strive to be a caretaker, liaison, and an overseer to each client who is served, meeting every need to the best of our abilities. Finally, we will work in an interdisciplinary manner with community outreach ministries and local healthcare officials to bridge the gaps of health and in-home care disparities within every community privileged to serve.


To revolutionize the in-home health and care needs of every client by serving with a spirit of servanthood, diligence, humility, and excellence. At Royal Heir Home Care we treat you like our family and make you feel “right at home!”


  • We deliver on our word. We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it, and will always serve our clients and their families with a spirit of excellence.
  • We are experts in our field and therefore we use prudent and sound judgement, we never compromise the safety of our clients, and we build your trust, one assignment at a time by executing each task with a willful and energetic attitude.
  • We treat you the way we want to be treated, always displaying dignity and respect towards our clients.


  • To go above and beyond our client’s need(s) and request(s).
  • To deliver high-quality, individualized in-home care services to each client.
  • To work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary manner to achieve client stabilization.
  • To become affluently regarded and spoken of in the communities we serve because we deliver our cares with such excellence. There is no other standard than excellence!