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Royal Heir Home Care is a newer company based in Kansas City, Missouri. We specialize in in-home care. Our services are open to all qualifying individuals who need non-medical care to remain independent in their own home.

At Royal Heir Home Care We Treat You Like Our Family And Make You Feel “Right At Home!”


Royal Heir Home Care is a locally owned and operated in-home care services company. This company has been essential in start up because of the unprecedented pandemic that we are living amid.

There are more people who need home care services and this pandemic demands newer ways of presenting access to those much needed cares. Royal Heir Home Care was birthed out of these essential needs of various communities. Royal Heir Home Care aims to decreases burden of not knowing who will be there to attend to your home care needs, minimize preventable hospitalizations of our clients with in the communities we serve, and partner with your family, friends, and essential health care communities to provide the best in-home care services possible for you. Entrust your cares in our Royal Hands! Here at Royal Heir Home Care, we believe that “if we can’t do it, it cannot be done!”

Company Mission

Royal Heir Home Care, aims to deliver top quality care to all populations we serve without respect of origin, gender, social class, or economic status. 

To perform each duty with an open mindset, tailoring each duty to what’s needed from both a compassionate and genuine stance.
We strive to be a caretaker, liaison, and an overseer to each client who is served, meeting every need to the best of our abilities. Finally, we will work in an interdisciplinary manner with community outreach ministries and local healthcare officials to bridge the gaps of health and in-home care disparities within every community privileged to serve.


I want to personally thank you for taking care of my mom during her last days. Your time with her was special and helped make her comfortable. I have a newfound respect for the care you give people. You are truly special. Thank you for making my job!


Oliver G

I am very pleased that I chose Royal Heir Home Care. Their commitment to client care and integrity of their staff make families of loved ones completely at ease knowing that they are being looked after the way a family member would look after them.


Emma S

I am happy to say that Royal Heir Home Care are our “extended family.” I would highly recommend Royal Heir Home Care to anyone who asks for in-home care as they are, in my opinion, the best and most trusted in their field.


Nathalie M

I have had the pleasure of working with Royal Heir Home Care , and they have done an outstanding job. They are extremely helpful, efficient, and always go above and beyond to maintain a positive and productive work atmosphere.


Luiz E

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Our Vision

To revolutionize the in-home health and care needs of every client by serving with a spirit of servanthood, diligence, humility, and excellence. At Royal Heir Home Care we treat you like our family and make you feel “right at home!”